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There is a wide variety of Filament Winding and Tensioning control systems that were deployed during the 1980s and 1990s. Several companies were producing systems and implementing their own control platforms, some even including custom circuit boards.

Most if not all of these control platforms are now obsolete, which is understandable looking at the advancements in computing and robotics technologies that were made during, and since that time period.


Many of the companies to produce the majority of the filament winding equipment in operation today have been either acquired or have closed. This makes it essentially impossible to get service for these outdated, partially custom control systems.

It is not uncommon for us to find 'mission critical' machines with a PC running Windows™ NT / Windows™ 98 at the core of the equipment.

If this sounds familiar, or the photo pictured at left looks familiar, now is the time to take action.

Keep reading to learn more about our retrofitting services, and see how we can upgrade your systems to fulfill your needs.

Upgrade your systems for the future, with Retrofitting services from Prodigm

Retrofitting Services For Your Company

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Machine Retrofit/Installation

Prodigm control systems are built entirely with COTS components, all critical motion components are of the same brand.

It will work with nearly any motor; Servo, AC, BLDC.


Control Panel and Systems

Our control panels are professionally manufactured.

We provide UPS systems and surge suppression so when those storms come through your equipment keeps running.

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Machine Software

Our software enables us to provide customized solutions for your manufacturing process.

Depending on your process you might need to handle auxiliary equipment, communicate with manufacturing database, or make a specialized move / macro in the middle of a winding program.

Retrofit your old machines and software for the new digital era

Why Retrofit?

For any business that relies on aging or somewhat dysfunctional machine systems, retrofitting offers a perfect way to upgrade and improve those systems, without shelling out large amounts for new systems and machines. Learn more about why retrofitting could be the right solution for your business below.


Retrofitting Companies in Fort Collins - Prodigm

When it comes to successfully operating your business and your daily operations, you know that even the smallest improvement or leg-up you can acquire can make drastic improvements to your efficiency and your bottom line. And when you utilize the quality retrofitting services from a trusted provider like Prodigm, you can feel confident knowing that your systems are operating at their peak potential, which allows your business and your workers to operate at their peak potential. See how the retrofitting services from Prodigm can help your business in the Front Range area. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with us, so that our engineering and software experts can inform you how they can improve your machine systems!

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