Ability Composites, LLC, has had a strong relationship with Jeff Bassler, President and CEO of Prodigm, for over ten years, and we’ve always received exceptional service. When our old McClean Anderson winder computer boards got fried, Jeff came in and put in new motors and controls. The new system has been operational for 10 years, and we have never had an issue with the machine. 3 years ago, we started having issues with the tensioner control system on our 4-axis, 24 spindle filament winder. It was a SAHM system that was purchased in the early '90s. The archaic control cards started failing, preventing us from utilizing all 24 spindles at a time. This was a huge impact to our production. We contacted Prodigm to see what could be done to keep our machine running. Jeff Bassler came to our site immediately and was able to get the system running while a long-term solution was identified. It was determined that the tensioner control system needed to be replaced. Instead of purchasing an entire new system, Prodigm was able to provide us with a Turn-Key controls retrofit. Utilizing the existing motors and tension sensors, Jeff and his qualified team of technicians swapped out the old system with the new as planned. Shortly after the retrofit, we were filament winding some pressure vessels for a NASA application. When we showed the NASA engineer the control system that Prodigm designed and installed they were amazed. The engineer remarked, “Jeff Bassler is a Black Belt in controls”. The system Prodigm installed has set a new standard for tensioning fibers. I know that Prodigm has saved me thousands of dollars and has always delivered great equipment to my facility. I don’t know what I would do without Prodigm. Thanks.



As the engineer responsible for 5 filament winders at our facility, when one of our Delta Tau winding machines developed a problem with the Controller it was up to me to find a solution. I got in touch with the manufacturer of the motion board to no avail. We contacted several possible solution providers, and only Prodigm told us they could likely help us and would get our machine running again. They flew in over the weekend and started work that Sunday morning. Five days later we were up and running again. After the upgrade we noticed that we were getting better throughput, that helped us catch up on the production backlog from being down, and with the increased performance of 15-20% we estimate the upgrade paid for itself in less than 12 months. As an added side note, Prodigm's pattern designer is a lot simpler to use than the solution we had, and I can now also sign in remotely, to update programs for night shift or when I am out of town.

Since then we constructed an additional winder with Prodigm controls and motors and received support the whole way, from design to start of production. And whenever we have technical questions Prodigm is just a phone or Skype call or text away, and they are able to interface with our machines and diagnose issues remotely. We hope to work with them again and upgrade our other machines.

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